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Pray for the peace to return!


Pray for all the children!

Remember your faith!


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There will never be peace if people push difference. In reality, we are all the same.

The Lord made our core and souls exactly the same. #Pray. MAW 7-12-2013

  Prayer Blogs      Spirit Walk         We all have our walk with God, and we all walk at our own speed.  This page is just an example of one Walk, one Way, one journey of Faith.


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 The Testament of the Clear Presence of God

I felt a presence. I was not alone.

Of course, I was alone. There was no one there with me. I looked around at the rim of the bowl I was in and saw no one. Just four goats, and an occasional bleat. Otherwise nothing. I was relaxed. I stood there for a long while and took it all in. I could not shake the feeling, standing there in the barrenness and the quiet, that I was being watched.

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Life is very simple..... LOVE .... that's it folkes.  MAW